Using Copic’s New Sketch Fine Nib

Hi everyone.  Today I am dreaming of vacation (and being thin enough for a bikini). 🙂  My card features Stamping Bella‘s Beachabella from the Bella 2.0 Collection.  I also used a new Fine nib for Sketch markers, now available from Copic.

Stamping Bella Beachabella (Bella 2.0 Collection)

A bit about Fine nibs from the Copic website:

Fans of the popular Sketch marker now have a new, more precise nib to choose from. The Fine Nib is thin yet firm and leaves clean, consistent lines. The Fine Nib easily fits into the Medium Broad end of the Sketch marker and can be replaced as needed.


While the nib fits easily into the Broad end of the Sketch marker,  I tried it in the Super Brush end and it fit perfectly there as well.  I now have two E35 markers, one with the Super Brush and one with the Fine nib. (I chose to have two separate markers because I refill from the Broad end and didn’t want to risk damaging either a Super Brush or Fine nib in the removal/replacement process. And I chose to place the Fine nib in an E35 marker as I very often use E35 for hair and furr.)

Stamping Bella Beachabella (Bella 2.0 Collection) with Copic Sketch Fine Nib

In the photo above, I marked where I used the Fine nib for (1) hair and (2) basket detail. To distinguish between my two E35 markers, I wrapped the Fine nib marker cap with deco tape (3).

Replacing with Sketch Fine nib; refilling marker

I used a nib tweezer to remove the existing Super Brush nib then simply inserted the new Fine nib.


Once the nib was in place, I removed the Broad nib from the opposite end, refilled as usual with E35 Various Ink then placed the Broad nib back in the barrel. So easy.

Stamping Bella Beachabella (Bella 2.0 Collection)

Copic markers – BG13, BG15, BG18, BG70, custom BG72, C00, C1, C3, C6, C7, C9, E01, E11, E30, E31, E33, E35, R20, R27, R56, R59, Y21; Copic Opaque White

I’m considering Fine nibs for my usual “go-to” skin marker choices as well. In which of your markers would you find a Fine nib helpful?

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