Copic Marker Storage: Art Case with DIY Inserts

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing Copic‘s new Art Carrying Case and how my handy husband created removable inserts for the markers. This sturdy, lightweight case holds all 358 Sketch markers with extra room for accessories and comes in four colors. You can read a bit more about it here.

Black Case

Plastic marker cases, available here, fit inside, holding the markers upright, in place and nicely organized with room to spare.

Case filled with cases

I, however, don’t have any of those cases. After chatting with friends and doing a bit of Pinterest research, I found that many folks use fluorescent lighting ceiling panels as the markers, both Sketch and Caio, fit perfectly within the squares.


From one panel (<$20), my husband used a Sawzall with a fine blade to cut two pieces, (each is 26 x 19 squares) to fit the inside of the case. He also cut two pieces of foam core board to 17 1/8″ x 3 1/2″.


One grid is placed on the bottom, the core board is placed along each long side with the second grid placed on top. A marker inserted at each corner holds the core boards and grids perfectly in place. My husband is so clever. ♥


With 26 x 19 squares, I can hold 494 markers (haha).  I don’t have all 358 markers, but if I did, I’d have plenty of room to spare. With the extra space, I find it helpful to leave a bit of room between the color groups.


I like that the panels are easily removable so the case is great for other items as well. When not in use, I store the panels, strap and keys inside.


Thanks so much for visiting! Have a great day!

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22 responses to “Copic Marker Storage: Art Case with DIY Inserts

  1. Your husband is very clever! I only have about 3 dozen Copics so most likely will never need a suitcase. Haha BUT, this is a great idea.

  2. This is awesome!! High five to your hubby for rockin’ the Copic storage! Well done and I love a good DIY! 🙂

  3. What a great idea! I don’t have Copics, but my Spectrum Noirs and Zigs could use a good place to hang out. 🙂

  4. NEAT Ideas!! THANKS for sharing!! If I were to use something like this I think I’d want them to stay put through!! I can’t imagine taking them I and out of the suitcase once I had them all in there!!?? =) Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  5. VERY clever storage idea, Michele — great idea on your part for the marker case, and excellent execution from your DH! 🙂

  6. Thank you for the tutorial, Michelle! I was able to use your idea, with a few modifications, to put a marker insert into my new suitcase. Here’s a link to my blog.

  7. Hi, thank you for sharing your idea, this is so smart! I am curious, would the classic Copic markers that came out before Sketch and Ciao fit in the holes? I have a TON of them!! Thank you again 🙂

  8. Absolutely brilliant!!!!!!
    Just a thought to accommodate classic comics and the refills…you can probably cut the squares to enlarge them. I’m going to the big D (Home Depot) this weekend to do this. Thank you for such a great economical solution.

  9. EEK! DON’T STORE YOUR COPICS LIKE THAT. If you store them face up, the ink drains to the bottom. Lay them on their side instead.

    • Per Copic, it is not necessary to store your markers horizontally. The markers are airtight if the caps are on correctly so pressure should equalize from one end to the other. Using the grid as shown in the Copic carry case should not affect how the markers perform. If markers are stored vertically and one end is dry, it is likely the other end will soon be dry as well. Simply reink. Also, if markers are stored in the carry case, they are only vertical when the case is lying flat. When the case is standing on its side (with the handle at the top), the markers will be horizontal.

  10. I absolutely love this!

    I’ve included this (and a link back to your post) on my blog post about “20 Clever Ways to Organize Your Coloring Supplies”

    I hope you’ll pick up some new interest from my readers!

  11. Hi I found this link while search for pencil cases on facebook’s all about coloring supplies. Would this work for colored pencils. Thanks

    • I think if you were to use this for colored pencils, you would need a smaller grid. I’m not sure if there are different sizes available or not. You might want to check your local building supply store (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.).

  12. Hello.

    I myself have been searching for where to buy panels.. I still havent found a place to get them in Norway..

    Leslie Barriger: I know you can get grids like thes for fish tank deviders. They are smaller.. maybe they would work.. If you search on ebay or somting and write egg crates.. They will pop up 🙂 to small for copic though..

  13. Marina barnett

    where do you buy the lighting ceiling panels?

  14. Wendy Hovener

    Hello Michele, Can you please tell me what te sizes are of this case? The link does not work anymore. Lots of thanks, Wendy from Holland.

  15. Wendy Hovener

    Hello Michele, Can you please let me know what te exact sizes are for the case? The link does not work anymore. Many thanks from across the ocean. Wendy from Holland.

  16. I find this THE storage for copic’s, only I can’t make it. The problem is that here in Belgium I can’t find those grids🥺🥺🥺😔

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