An Organized Crafty Stash, Day 1of 5 – Stamps

5Days_BlogHeaderToday My Favorite Things kicks off Five Days to an Organized Crafty StashEach day we will highlight a different area of the craft room and share ideas for putting everything in its place. To make it even more fun, two prizes will be given on Days 1 through 4 with one Grand Prize on Day 5.  (And believe me, it is g-r-a-n-d!) For your chance to win one of these AMAZING prize packages, be sure to leave a comment on each day’s Organization post on the MFT Blog.

Necessary statement:  I attribute 90% of my stamp room organization to Jennifer McGuire and her incredibly creative and brilliant ideas.  I cannot thank her enough. (You can find her info on stamp organization here.)

I file most of my stamps in this bin from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Michele Boyer - Stamp Organization

Each stamp set is placed into one of these clear pockets and filed under the appropriate category.

Michele Boyer- Stamp Set in pocket

If the set has coordinating Die-namics dies, I adhere a magnetic sheet to the back of the white insert so all pieces are kept neatly together.

Michele Boyer/dies stored behind stamp set in pocket

I use these vent covers (magnetic sheets) available from Home Depot for about $4 per pack.


Pure Innocence sets are filed in a basket on one of my shelves, sorted by holiday, birthday,  miscellaneous, etc.

Stamps-3-PIsBackground stamps are stored in a basket as well.


Head on over to the MFT Blog for direct links to more stamp storage solutions! And don’t forget to comment there for your chance to win one of two prize packages:


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25 responses to “An Organized Crafty Stash, Day 1of 5 – Stamps

  1. Great storage! Thank you so much for sharing where you get your magnetic sheets. I’ve been looking locally for them and never thought of vent covers!!!

  2. Wow, I need to file my stamps like that too !!

  3. Gretchen Wilson

    This is truly an amazing system, I have been using this since Jennifer McGuire started to show her stamps. I have the magnetic sheets and I was able to cut them in thirds and put in them in 1/2 size page protectors for my dies, I have to be careful not to put to many in as the binder gets full and heavy. I am glad to have all the organizing tools I can get, I have a long way to go as I have been (collecting) for some time now. TFS

    Hugs, Gretchen

  4. Vent covers are one of the secret gems of the craft world. I lined my cabinet doors with them.

  5. Great storage tips and a great cabinet! TFS!

  6. Love your storage idea and organization

  7. Thanks for the great tip on using magnetic vent covers for die storage! So much less expensive than what I’ve found in the craft stores, if I can find any at all…

  8. great storage tips! Must get those magnetic vent covers!

  9. Great ideas and thanks for sharing them. Now onto organizing my clear stamps….perfect time on a cold and cloudy day!!!

  10. Love the tip about the vent cover, thank you!

  11. Oh Michele, thanks for the tip about the vent cover. Thanks for sharing your organizational tips. Can’t wait to get started.

  12. absolutely love the vent cover idea! thank you!

  13. I think I need to make a trip to BBB! LOL!!! I keep a good stash of the magnetic covers available…I’m addicted to dies. I would love to know what you used for the dividers. Thank you! 🙂

  14. Love you storage and desperately need to go to BBB soon 🙂

  15. Those fridge bins are wonderful for stamp storage. Like how you’ve separated the Pure Innocence, and how you store the big background stamps.

  16. what a clever idea to use the vent covers on the back side for the matching dies! I use those to organize all of my other dies, but so clever to keep the stamps and dies together! 😉

  17. I keep forgetting about the vent covers at HD… need to go without the hubby next time to allow me to look for items for MY craft room! haha

  18. Ha! I used those magnetic vent covers for my die storage! When I changed to storing them in the square pockets I didn’t use the magnetic sheet any longer but, can tell that would keep them better. Thanks for sharing your storage ideas!

  19. Love the magnetic sheet idea! I really loving all the inspiration from this hop!

  20. So neat and organized!! Thanks for the tip on vent covers!! Much appreciated!

  21. I was JUST pondering how to store the little die pieces! Heading to Home Depot now; thank you!

  22. Greatly appreciate your sharing your system as well as tips where to find storage supplies! I am so happy that MFT decided to do this organizational series now…very timely!

  23. I store my stamps the same way, but not my dies. LOVE the idea! I do use the vent covers for my spellbinders. They are great, but aren’t in stock as much as they used to be. Maybe it’s catching on!

  24. Yup, after all this hopping to each team member, I have decided to get a labeller!

  25. Awesome ideas, Love Jennifer McGuire also… TFS.

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