Kirarina 2win Oil-based Pens

Today I did a bit of playing around for the first time with Kirarina 2win oil-based pens. Being oil-based, they stick to most any surface, i.e. paper, photos, glass, plastic, cloth, etc. (although they are not dishwasher safe).


These double-ended pens are available in a wide range of 34 vibrant colors as well as black.  The colored pens feature two different colors, one dark and one lighter, each with a medium round nib. The black pen features the same color on both ends but one side has a medium round nib and the other has a fine nib, perfect for detail work or finer journaling.


You can see the nib sizes above. All are round except the one end of the black which holds a fine nib.


I found the color to be quite vibrant, even on this somewhat darker cork paper. I used the black to fill in any tiny areas of the stamped image where  my ink may not have covered completely. It worked perfectly.


On the cork paper, I was able to color very easily, leaving a smooth, solid layer of color. I did not need to go over any sections more than once. (On surfaces such as glass, the darker colors will show better.) After coloring, I used a toothpick and Copic Opaque White to add some dotted highlights to the design.

On the Imagination International, Inc. website you can find the Kirarina line of product to include the 2win oil-based pens, 2win fragrant pens, WiNK pens and Cute Puff Paint pens as well as inspiration for each. I hope you’ll check it out! 🙂

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