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On Black Friday there were so many great deals to be had. I accomplished a bit of Christmas shopping, and splurged a bit on myself, purchasing this sweet C0zy Cupfuls stamp set by Power Poppy.

I know some of my friends will be surprised to see me posting this particular image because I am not a fan of (male) Cardinals.  There’s one in particular that shows up every spring, year after year….after year.  (I’m just assuming it’s the same one. For all I know, the whole lot of them are crazy.)  This one follows me around  the house from window to window, pecking wildly like it’s lost its mind. All. Day. Long. I don’t know what it’s trying to accomplish. It might be secretly entertained by my annoyance, screaming and yes, cursing. It makes me INSANE.

Michele Boyer - Power Poppy

Anyway, I specifically love the (quiet, non-threatening) female bird on top of the cups, sharing her twig (with the wacky one).  😉   I adore the other images in the set, but strangely enough, this one is my favorite.

After stamping onto X-Press It Blending Card and coloring with Copic markers, I decided to tie a pretty ribbon around the top. I have loads of ribbon but don’t often use it. It is mostly stored on ribbon cards like this:

Michele Boyer - Power Poppy

When I take it off of the card, it looks like this (or worse):

Michele Boyer - Power Poppy

I don’t like the creases, and there always seems to be one or more in the worst locations after tying my bow. Now available from the Copic website is the Clover Mini Iron. It’s thin, has a perfectly small, pointed tip and heats in just a few minutes.


There are two heat settings (low and high), a cute little stand and it’s great for ironing ribbon!  I highly recommend!  I also highly recommend taking care not to accidentally touch the shaft. It gets hot. Very, very hot. It will hurt.  Just sayin…

Clover Mini Iron

Once pressed, I tied my crease-free ribbon into a pretty bow around the top of my colored panel. *happy sigh*

Michele Boyer - Power Poppy

Copic markers: E35, E37, E40, E41, E42, E43, G17, G29, R01, R20, R22, R24, R29, R59, R89, W00, W1, W2, W5, W7, Y21, YG03, YG17, YR15, YR23

I’ll be back tomorrow to share another new (and very cool) product with which the Clover Mini Iron works perfectly! See you then!

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5 responses to “Peace Love Hope Friendship

  1. Hey Michele. I LOVE your card AND your cardinal story. It made me laugh!
    I use my flat iron (for straightening your hair!) to press my crumpled/wrinkled ribbon. (Just make sure its REAL ribbon and not the cheap plastic-y stuff as it will melt and stick on it.) It works great and only takes a second to do it. Why buy another tool IF you already have a hair straightener? It works perfectly!

  2. Gorgeous Michele! You’re making me want this set too! Birds can be so crazy, I agree! We had some birds in a tree out front last year that kept flying up on the porch and running into our foyer window. Then they would poop all over the porch. grrrr… got so tired of that. They didn’t come back this year. So glad! I love your card, coloring and design! So festive and fun!

  3. So you have a BFF in a cardinal, eh? Seriously, I love this stamp and love how you colored it. I feel myself being pulled toward purchases of both the stamp set and the handy mini-iron that would be a great addition to my craft stash.

  4. Jan D. in Florida

    Interesting tool….I keep a small travel iron in my craft room, but it’s a pain to drag it out for small jobs. This tool could be hung on a hook over my work counter like I’ve done with my heat tool for embossing powders. I saw someone also use a curling iron for ribbons…much like the above commenter with her flat iron. TFS your great ideas. I always love your cards.

  5. Beautifully colored, very sweet!

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