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Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying MFT‘s organization posts.  I know each one has been good for me.  Bit by bit my stamp room is getting into tip top shape.

Today the design team is sharing ideas on how to organize your markers, pencils, pens, etc.  Any coloring medium.

My wonderful hubby, being the very talented guy that he is, built these three towers to house my Copic markers.  There was a similar product on the market, but when I was in need of the storage, the product was no longer available.

CM-Org-CopicsSince I use my markers so often, they are front and center on my desk.  Each cubby holds a different color category.  Additionally, at the top left I have a cubby for my Spica glitter pens and on the bottom left I have Multi-liners and a few other miscellaneous markers.

CM-Org-CopicsCUTo the left of my work space, I have a shelf which holds my Colorless Blender Solution, air cans for a compact airbrush and my Copic refills.

CM-Org-CopicsRefillsBeneath my work area, I have my treasured airbrush.

CM-Org-Air-BrushBehind my work area, I have a shelf that holds additional markers, pens and pencils.

CM-Pencils-MarkersOn the right are some Stampin’ Up markers, opaque, glaze and metallic markers and some sponge brushes and inks.


And on the left are my colored pencils, blending chemical and distress markers. I use the small jar with the sponge to hold a bit of solution to blend colored pencils.

CM-Pencils-Markers3That’s a tour of my coloring mediums.  Be sure to check out the MFT blog for direct links to other participating DT.  Hope you get some ideas for your own organization!


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2 responses to “Organization for Your Creative Space – Coloring Mediums

  1. Storage and organization is SO important when you have a craft room. There are so many small items, without it we wouldn’t be able to make anything. Great job!

  2. Wow, that husband of yours sure is handy — great storage units he made for you!

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