An Organized Crafty Stash, Day 3 of 5 – Die-namics


Hi everyone! Welcome to another installment of Five Days to an Organized Crafty Stash with My Favorite Things!  Today we’re sharing our ideas for managing Die-namics. 

Necessary statement:  I attribute 90% of my stamp room organization to Jennifer McGuire and her incredibly creative and brilliant ideas.  I cannot thank her enough. (You can find her info on die organization here.) 

I purchased two of these refrigerator bins from Bed, Bath & Beyond. They’re a bit pricey (for bins) but worth every penny.  (Plus I had a coupon for each.) I use one bin for dies and a second for stamps.

Michele Boyer/Die-namics Organization

Here’s a close-up of my labels.  The categories are basically in order of most used. (I hate to dig through things.)

Michele Boyer/Die-namics Organization Labels

I use this label maker and tape to label my Blu Raspberry dividers. I’ll eventually switch the dividers out for something more sturdy but for now they work great!

I accidentally bought black on white tape once so you may notice a white label. I’m not picky enough to peel it off and replace, but I do prefer clear.  

ETA:  Free downloadable files are now available HERE for printing labels for MFT stamps, dies, stencils, etc.

Michele Boyer/Die-namics - Label MakerI purchase these magnetic sheets from my local Home Depot (about $4), cut to size and adhere to Sweet Tooth card stock to place in each sleeve.

Michele Boyer - Magnetic Sheets (Vent Covers)

I had originally used three types of sleeves for my dies but I’m transitioning down to two.  And they just happen to now be available here in the MFT store.  🙂

Here’s a sample of my dies on the magnetic sheets. *So happy*   

Michele Boyer - Die-namics Stored on Magnetic Sheets/Clear Pockets

I keep the label maker on my desk but everything else is stored in a basket on a shelf over my dies.

Michele Boyer/Organization Supplies Storage

I cannot begin to tell you how great this system works for me. It took a while to get organized as I already had a LOT when I started but it was worth every minute, every penny. I already thanked Jennifer once, but I will thank her again.  And again. And again. ♥

Head on over to the MFT blog for a list of direct links to more Die-namics organization! And be sure to leave a comment there on the MFT blog for your chance to win one of two Prize Packages:


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18 responses to “An Organized Crafty Stash, Day 3 of 5 – Die-namics

  1. Yes, I saw this on her blog when she posted it and I was quite inspired as well. I am constantly following up on ANY new ideas wherever possible as you HAVE to be organized in your craft room.

  2. I am transitioning to Jennifer’s method too. Close to being done! It is a great feeling!

  3. Great organization idea

  4. I am also transitioning to this method. My envelopes will arrive tomorrow(Thursday) so today is getting things pulled out of their current housing state so they are ready to go! Getting excited to finally organize!!!!

  5. Love your ideas. Using magnetic vent cover is very clever.

  6. Gretchen Wilson

    Another YEH! for Jennifer, she is quite a gal when she started using this system and shared it with a lot of people. She should have got stock in those frig bins and the label maker. Thanks for sharing with us today

  7. Thanks so very much for sharing your wonderfully organized crafting areas!!!

  8. Great ideas… on to my craft room!

  9. I can see why so many people are using this system…very clean, organized and easy to locate the perfect die using the categories you have.

  10. Nice and tidy. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Fantastic. I just spent 6 hours reorganizing my stash. You ladies have really inspired me. But, I do need to get those Pocket sleeves for my storage. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I love how organized everything is!! Awesome tips!

  13. Such great organizing tips! I will definitely use some of these ideas!

  14. I was so in search of something great to use, there is a lot out there, but just hadn’t found the right thing yet. This will be perfect and was also perfect timing!!!! Thanks to all of you – everything you do is so inspirational – you can craft AND organize – amazing women!!!

  15. I did this a while back with my die’s now just to label them!

  16. I was sure i commented on this, but don’t see it… Love to watch Jennifer McGuire too, awesome recap…

  17. I am so so so desperately in need of time to do this. My dies are out of control. I know you said you were eventually going to switch your dividers to something more sturdy and I wondered if you had found a solution to that.

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