The Two-Day Card

I’m a slow stamper.  I know that.   I rarely “whip up” a card in an instant.  But I hate when one takes two days.  Why should a card take two days?!  Is it really worth the effort?  Sometimes.   It depends on the recipient.  It depends on how much time you have on hand, whether your tools are in working order and how many mistakes you make.  (Do you sense trouble coming?)

It’s Been a While


Today’s challenge at Cornish Heritage Farms is to use vellum cardstock.   After a lot of trial and error (emphasis on the “error” as I think I used six sheets of vellum), I decided to use the vellum as my base.  I added the matted strips of Basic Grey’s new Ambrosia and stamped the flower and sentiment from Silhouette Blooms II onto the center “window.”  The ink takes a bit of time to dry but if you lightly zap it with a heat gun (one that WORKS), that will speed the process.  And you have to CAREFULLY dry the ink or your vellum will warp and you’ll have to either start over or deal with a very bendy card.  (I’m sure you know how I know this.  On the brighter side, at least nothing caught on fire.)

I cut a second piece of vellum cardstock, stamped the French Script backgrounder and adhered that behind the window.  You may want to set the card aside before inking the backgrounder just in case you DROP it and have to start all over.   

To give the inside a more finished look, I added a white border to the inside front.  I also adhered a piece of white cardstock to the inside back (using glue dots) for a handwritten note.


As a final touch, I cut one of the butterflies from the patterned paper, adhered only the center of the butterfly to the front window and bent up the wings.  So after a lot of wasted paper, too much time and a few choice words  , I was  happy with the result.


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On a personal note, my son has his surgery tomorrow.  I’m nervous and stressed, as any mom would be.  I’m trying hard not to worry too terribly much and hoping tomorrow is a cake-walk compared to last summer.  I’m not looking forward to the surgery, but I am looking forward to all of this being over.  Hopefully this will be the last one.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a great day!

Stamps:  Cornish Heritage Farms Silhouette Blooms II (Kim Hughes Collection), French Script Backgrounder   Ink:  Palette Noir Black by Stewart Superior   Paper:  Vellum cardstock; Prism Black, Super Smooth White; Basic Grey Ambrosia 6″ x 6″ paper pad   Accessories:  Brads (American Crafts). Card size:  5 ½” x 4 ¼”.

33 responses to “The Two-Day Card

  1. You’re hilarious…Im sure it wasn’t too funny for you the last two days, but I got a kick out of your discription. Anyway, your card turned out gorgeous, well worth all the work.

  2. First of all Michele, I hope the surgery goes well for your son. I know how stressful it can be when our children have to have a procedure done. Will keep you all in my thoughts!

    Your card is GORGEOUS but I am sorry to hear it gave you fits. Sure glad you didn’t give up on it because it’s a beauty!!

  3. Kristine Reynolds

    Love how this turned out Michele…just perfect!

  4. Well, I’m sorry this gorgeous card took 2 days, but it certainly was worth it! It’s beautiful!!! ps – You’ve received an award!

  5. Gorgeous, design Michele! Well worth the two days it took to put together! Your double vellum window is stunning!

    Best wishes for tomorrow! I’ll be so happy when it is over for you! I’m sure it will all go well!

  6. This is gorgeous Michele!! Two days was so worth the end result:) GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  7. Oh my. I think it was worth it…this is beautiful!

  8. This is gorgeous I can see why it took you so long! I’ll say a little prayer for your son! Hugs!

  9. it’s just stunningly beautiful Michele!!!

  10. Well it was certainly worth the effort in my opinion. Just beautiful.

  11. You and your family will definitely be in my thoughts tomorrow Michele!

    Your card is just awesome! I think it was worth 2 days of work!!! LOL!!! I have one of those I am working on now!!! LOL!!! You are so talented Michele ~ thanks for sharing!

  12. OMGOSH! This is just GORGEOUS M!!!! WOW! I love the layout and the vellum middle, LOVE the extra butterfly too!! WAHOO you rock!!!

    You know I am thinking of you and Joe and the whole family!

  13. This is absolutely fabulous, Michele, and worth whatever you went through to get it right! It’s good to know that magic doesn’t just shoot from your fingertips and that you do things like drop stamps, too… gives me hope! 🙂

    Give Joe a big hug. I know you’re worried and have that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach right now. Wish I could be there in person and force you to think about something else! 😉 But it will be okay. I’m sure of it. Just kind of a pain in the meantime, you know? I’ll be thinking of you, and will be so relieved for you when it’s over. (((((Michele)))))

  14. I sure could feel your frutstration with this BEAUTIFUL card. I know I ‘ve had times when I had to walk away and come back to a project. Glad you completed it though…it REALLY is a STUNNING piece!! Prayers for your son and family.

  15. You had me smiling at the thoughts of the trials and tribulations of card making…. I can’t even boast of getting that far with vellum… I stumble when stamping on it! I need help – my vellum smears all of the time, so I’m doing something wrong – I get double and triple images and then my stamp slides!! So I was chuckling as I read your entry today! Your efforts were ell worth it – the card is very, very pretty!

    I’ll keep you & your family in my thoughts as you go through this surgery!

  16. You made me lol with that one Michele – I hope your sense of humour makes tomorrow just a bit easier for you and your DS. The card turned out beautifully, well worth the effort!

  17. I SO know what you are talking about, but your finished card is gorgeous! I love the panel border you created and the vellum with the script behind it is fantastic!

    Good luck tomorrow-I will say a prayer that everything goes great. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you…I know how I feel when my kids are sick. Best wishes and I look forward to your next post telling us that everything was a cake walk like you planned!!

  18. Well, it may have been a long road, but the end result is FABULOUS!! Good luck and best wishes for you and your son tomorrow…I will keep you in my thoughts!!

  19. Gorgeous Michele so worth the 2 days! Good luck tomorrow, sending prayers your way!!

  20. This is just lovely and soooo worth the stress it took to create! ;0) I hope everything goes well with your son’s surgery!

  21. Your card is so very beautiful, Michele!! I’m sorry it gave you fits (a pain when that happens), but it was worth it!!

    I hope the surgery goes well!! I will be thinking of you, Joe, and the family. Hugs!!

  22. Wow, it’s beautiful! Worth two days!! 🙂 I love that DP too.. I just ordered some!

  23. Only two days?? It looks like a weeks worth of time and effort to me. Your card is beautiful, thoughtful and elegant. I can’t think how long it would take me to produce such a thing. I am offering up a prayer for you and your son that all will be well. Take care.

  24. Your card is so stunningly gorgeous – I REALLY love it!!

    I hope your son’s surgery goes very smoothly and that it is the last that he has to have.

  25. Michele,

    I’m sending prayers and good wishes for Joe and for all of you today. I’ll be praying for a successful surgery. Hang in there! ((((Michele))))

    BTW, your card is gorgeous — well worth the time!


  26. I was smiling and gigling through your whole story about your two day card! It brought back some memories for me on some of my tragic attempts! But it is such a beautiful card! I too will keep you and your son in my thoughts today and hope that all goes well for him! Best, Curt

  27. Gorgeous card, Michele!!!

    And I’ve been thinking of you all day…

  28. Oh, you are too funny!!! You may have struggled to make it, but the end result is striking!!! Just love it — lovely card!!! TFS!!!

  29. The result was definitely worth two days, and thanks for sharing your learning curve with us!!

  30. No worries on a 2 day card! It was worth it! Love it! Good luck with your dear son’s sugery! Deb

  31. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes a card can be so painful? But it doesn’t look painful at all–it looks great! Oh, Michele, I hope everything went perfectly with the surgery and your son is recovering nicely and all this will be over for both of you soon. BIG hugs. Take care!

  32. Hi Michele,

    Hoping all went well with your son’s surgery!

    I feel your pain with the 2 day card…it’s just frustrating sometimes, but it makes those other cards that fall together so effortlessly so much more fun and exciting, right?! Maybe you were just subconsciously thinking about DS’s surgery, etc?! Whatever it was, your card turned out beautifully!


  33. I feel your pain!! I had to laugh as I read your post but it was a purely empathetic laugh as I have had those same type of experiences! Michele the card really did turn out to be fabulous though. Love how you even finished the inside to give it an extra added professional touch.

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